Molly Hitchings

Camping Meals

Molly Hitchings
Camping Meals

Need some help meal planning for a camping trip? We got you.

We are often asked what we bring for meals on weekend camping trips. It depends on how primitive we're going, the amenities we have available, and how long we are going for. But below are our go-to food choices for weekend trips! 


  • We love doing breakfast tacos! We have a plastic egg carton which you can grab from REI or Walmart to keep eggs safe during travel. Whip up some bacon, add avocado and salsa. Wrapped in a tortilla it's an awesome breakfast for car camping weekends.
  • Need something a bit easier or more primitive? Oatmeal is easy, or a bagel with peanut butter and banana. 


  • Tuna! Can either buy in a bag or a can, but make sure you bring a can opener. Easy to eat with crackers or bring along some bread. 
  • Pro tip: we 'steal' deli mayo and mustard packets for camping trips. Easier than bringing a whole bottle, doesn't need to stay cold, and adds a little something to dry tunafish. 


  • Trail mix, granola bars, apples, beef jerky, pretzels 


  • Depends on how long we're camping for, but we have some solid go-to options that we do often. If I have the time the night before, I enjoy making a pasta salad or making some shredded chicken to bring for the weekend. Sometimes it's nice to just have dinner ready to go.
  • Prep before: I'm a big fan of Chrissy Teigen's chicken, spinach, orzo, cauliflower pasta salad. Insanely easy to make, and is good for lunch/ dinner options while camping. 
  • Prep before: Cook up some seasoned, shredded chicken for tacos. Easy to keep cool in a cooler and warm up the next night. We usually bring a bag of Spanish rice to heat up, along with other simple taco mixings. 
  • Over a fire: We love our cast iron skillet when camping. We've made burgers or brats with grilled onions and peppers. Easy and delicious. Roasted corn is a great option as well! 
  • Primitive: Chicken in a can, quinoa (or top ramen), avocado, and hot sauce. Not too gourmet, but gives you all your nutrients you need while easy to pack along.